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Relax,Relax,Leg extension.Calm down ~cheers!

Gentle Japanese food with a special focus on natural dashi and basic seasonings

It is a relieved restaurant that relocated the old Shoya mansion.
Please enjoy! Looking up, there is a thick old beam.
In the hearth in front of you, the spilling of pots and pots....
Take a quick while remembering the old thatched roof. . .

Japanese cuisine Kenko menu focusing on local cuisine

  • Popular! 1 Night/ 2 Meals Included plan

    This is an accommodation plan with dinner and breakfast.
    Normally, dinner is offered at 1,600 yen and breakfast is 650 yen.
    It is 2,000 yen if it is a set plan, and it is advantageous for 250 yen.
    The meals are changed daily and are well received by long-term guests.
  • Japanese style Ishokuya"Shoya"

    Taketa's mother. Ahh,....
    Nostalgic taste.Easy....

    Looking over the precious wood counter with a patterned floor
    For ikesu, Enoha Taketa (local name of Yamame) is fine.

    Delicious sake for local cuisine.
    As we focus on food, we decided to use “Ishokuya” instead of a pub.

    Japanese style Ishokuya. "Shoya"This is tomorrow's energy.
    Let's laugh together!

    A friendly shop where you can interact with local people!

    • Local cuisine menu
      Here are some of the dishes we offer with confidence.
      Taketa you came to Taketa, please enjoy Taketa's cuisine.
      If you say "with commentary ~", I will just introduce you as you wait!

      Price Please check the menu table locally
    • A little drinking plan
      Why don't you go flat with one person?
      If you ask, "One drink, with a guide to Taketa ~"
      I am pleased to introduce Taketa.

      2 drinks + 1 small bowl or 2 drinks + 1 small bowl
      • Drop by alone.Peace of mind"Choi drinking"

        It is 1,000 yen (tax included).
    • Restaurant Japanese Ishokuya "Shoya"Located next to the first floor lobby.

      TEL 0974-62-3185
      Business hours
      Supper Monday to Friday(However, there is temporary closure)
      From 17:00 to 21:30(Last order 20:30)
      From 6:45 to 9:00
      Seats 31
      (8 seats x 3 tables and 7 counters)
      Some customers are staying for a long time,
      Every day, we look forward to your return home with a daily set meal with different tastes.
      We are pleased as good meeting place to meet local Taketa!