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Recommended! Mountain information

Busy work, relationships, nothing (^ O ^) /!

The middle of 100 famous mountains in Japan, "Mt Kuju, Mt Sobo, and Mt Aso".Good access!

Many of our staff, including our hotel president, like mountains.I like camping.
I loved it and built a campsite on the rooftop of the hotel.
Beginners as well as professionals stay here and flowers bloom in Yamadangi.
Please see Sankichi information that we deliver with confidence.

Special Feature “Beginner Recommended / Easy course

We introduce 4 course that even beginners can easily enjoy mountain climbing.
  • 1. The best view"Mt Kuju Peak"

    Nature as far as the eye can see.The view is the best! You can go on a day trip easily.
    (Approximately 4 hours round trip from Makinoto Trailhead to Mt Kuju Peak mountain climbing entrance)

  • 2. Enjoy the loose mountain trail"Hokkein Onsen"

    Approximately four and a half hours round trip from Chojabaru Trailhead to Hokkein Onsen mountain climbing entrance
  • 3. Lunch at the hut"Go meet my grandmother god"

    Mt Sobo Kobaru Trailhead Hut at 5th Station Kankakeiwa Rock Hut at 5th Station - Kankakeiwa Rock
  • Summit of Mt Sobo"A journey through life"

    7m round trip from the grandmother's entrance to the grandmother's mountain climbing.

Gachi! Climb!

Trial,Hiking! (Welcome for the first time)

  • Trial,Hiking! (Welcome for the first time)

    Want to climb together? I will navigate.
    A beginner friend is doing a practice mountain climbing at a pace of about once a month.

    God's waterfall, finally found.Yatter!
  • Should I join?  Everyone is climbing.

    It is scheduled for the second year of ReiwaPlease ask.
    January New Year Climbing(Mt Sobo)
    March bud climbing(Mt Kuju)
    June pink mountain climbing(Mt Kuju)
    July Camp Climbing(Mt Katamukiyama)
    August climb(Hosenji Onsen)
    October delicious camp(rooftop)
    Uplift in autumn leaves in November(Mt Aso)